Asset Management

The competitive pressures within the asset management industry have never been greater.

The competitive pressures within the asset management industry have never been greater. With RDR increasing transparency, profit margins are under scrutiny and the requirement for truly outstanding talent across each organisation has never been more necessary.

The extensive network is a given. What sets us apart from our competition is the unique insight we have to the asset management industry based upon years of experience right at the heart of the industry, working with both product providers and consumers. This insight is combined with an incisive analytical approach to screening candidates for both hard skills, but also crucially cultural fit.

We believe that we are uniquely placed to provide the best solutions to your strategic resourcing needs thanks to our understanding of the end to end value chain, the specific skills required for each role and the necessity to achieve cultural fit.

Our in-depth network of contacts, combined with this broad industry perspective, makes it possible for us to identify and shortlist only the most appropriate candidates which exactly meet the client brief.

Prior to starting the desk, Nick was head of Research at renowned investment consultancy, Old Broad Street Research (OBSR). This afforded him a unique position, having met with and analysed and critically evaluated some of the industry’s leading fund managers, investment products and businesses. Before joining OBSR, he was himself a wealth manager running private client money.

ADL Partners has a proven track record in placing mid and senior level professionals within both boutique and global organisations. We deliberately keep our client list manageable so as not to duplicate upon particular areas of expertise and allow us as wide a coverage of the talent pool as possible.

Company Management:

  • CEO’s
  • COO’s
  • Managing Directors and Senior Business Managers

Investment related:

  • CIO’s
  • Heads of Asset Class
  • Strategists/ Economists/ Asset Allocation
  • Fund / Portfolio Managers
  • Research Analysts – stock, debt and fund
  • Product Specialists
  • Product Development


  • Regional Sales Positions upwards
  • Specialise in ‘Heads of’ positions

Key Contacts

Nick Whalley

T: +44 (0) 7970 626 208

Laurie Parr

T: +44 (0) 7811 450 550
We are always interested in talking to exceptional individuals.